Physical Health Solutions

What to Know

An apple a day is great and all, but staying healthy can be a little more involved. That’s why Exelixis offers programs to help keep you physically fit.

Wellness Subsidy Program

Exelixis reimburses you up to $75 per month for expenses related to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The $75 reimbursement amount rolls over every month, but it must be used by December 31. Eligible wellness expenses include gym memberships, fitness classes and subscriptions, massages, acupuncture, mindfulness and meditation programs, Fitbits, and fitness equipment. This program is administered by Forma. Along with being reimbursed, you also have the option of using your funds to make purchases through the Forma store. You can register or log in via the SSO portal.

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Wellable Wellness Platform

With Wellable, you have the opportunity to compete in different challenges, explore new ways to create and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, and qualify for exciting prizes. You can register or log in via the SSO portal.

Get Started

Step 1: Track Your Activity

If you already use a mobile app or wearable device, such as a Fitbit, Garmin or Apple Watch, to track your activity, you can move to step 2 to access your account and connect your app or device to Wellable.

If you’re not currently using an app or device to track your activity, the best option is to use the Wellable app to automatically track steps from your phone through Apple Health or Samsung Health (the recommended free apps for iPhone and Android users, respectively). Download the Wellable app and follow the instructions below to get started.

Wellable app for iPhone: After signing in to the Wellable app, go to the Connections page and follow the prompts to connect Apple Health.

Wellable app for Android: After signing in to the Wellable app, go to the Connections page and follow the prompts to connect Samsung Health. Please note that if Samsung Health is not pre-installed on your phone, you will need to do this prior to connecting it to Wellable.

Step 2: Connect Your App Or Device

Go to Connections, select the app or device you want to connect, and follow the instructions. You’ll need the username and password for the app or device you want to connect during this process, which may be different than the username and password for your Wellable account. Once you’re connected, your activity data will automatically sync with Wellable, so you can focus on your health.

On-Demand Classes

All classes can be accessed from anywhere and at any time from the On-Demand page in your Wellable account, including the mobile app.

Health and Wellness Resources

You can access monthly health and wellness webinars, health tips delivered to your phone, and more.

Physical Health Solutions Through Your Medical Plan

Blue Shield members have access to Wellvolution, a personalized digital program to help you boost your health and well-being. Wellvolution can help you prevent and reverse chronic disease, eat healthier, exercise more, manage stress, sleep better, and quit smoking.

Adoption Assistance, Gender-Affirming Benefit (HRA), and Wellness Subsidy


Wellness Platform

Wellable Wellness Platform